The Proven Video Marketing System To

Create A Massive Audience And Convert Viewers Into Buyers

This 6 Week Training will show you

everything you need to create a celebrity-like following and convert them into paying clients!

  • Discover The Proven High Converting Video Formula

  • Learn How To Set Up A Professional Video Studio At Home

  • Structure Content To Have Your Audience Begging For More.

  • Attract A Flood Of Your Ideal Audience Using Step-By-Step Strategies.


have ditched regular TV for online video

5 billion

videos watched on YouTube every day


of users stay longer on a site with video

THE VIDEO CODE is a paint-by-numbers system to help you create authority and build a loyal following using video. It's a platform to catapult your message to the world to create leveraged income for you, giving you more free time to have more fun!


During this 6 week program we'll lead you step by step through everything you need to plan and create your video content consistently. We'll guide you through defining your brand, and choose how you would like to monetize your show, while staying in your flow. 


You'll also learn how to take a 3 minute video and repurpose it in so many ways that it will be bringing you sale for years to come. 


You'll discover the strategies to create magnetic content and how to drive a constant stream of traffic to your videos.

"I got big ass results from

working with Jody.

I highly recommend her."

Garrett J White

Founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement

"Jody is the queen of video - she's taught me so much about how to organize, plan and shine on video."

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Author of Lucky Bitch and Creator of Lucky Bitch Bootcamp


Starting with the end in mind, we help you get clear on the purpose of your videos. Is it to get speaking gigs, selling online, build a tribe? There are many options. We'll then help you create your brand with tools and templates to you have all your brand assets ready to launch. We'll also clear super clear on who your audience is and what we are solving for them so you can get your message out to the world with confidence.

  • Map Out Your Video Plan & Purpose / Start With The End In Mind

  • Identify Your Uniqueness So People Are Addicted To Your Videos

  • Define Your Ideal Audience And How To Talk To Them

  • 25 Point Branding Arsenal Checklist ​


This module is taught by an award winning film crew who have worked in major films and documentaries. You'll be able to choose from two types of studio set up. The "MacGyver Studio" using your existing resources such as your cellphone and what you have around your home. The second option is the complete professional home studio. We'll take you through mic and lighting options, teleprompter solutions and detailed checklists for before, during and after filming, so you can avoid mistakes and get your filming done faster.

  • Understand All The Gear Required To Film With Your Phone Like A Pro

  • Build A Professional Film Studio At Home (It's Easier Than You Think)

  • Learn To Use  Telepromoter To Cut Your Video Time In Half

  • Get A Shopping List Of All The Tools You Could Need To Go Pro


Content is ALWAYS king! You'll learn how to structure your videos episodes to keep your audience watching to the end and wanting more. You'll discover strategies for coming up with creative content ideas, that your audience actually wants, and download your production schedule to create your videos in the shortest amount of time. We'll also cover your call to action, to have your audience become paying customers.

  • Understand The Specific Blog Structure To Convert Your Viewers To Buyers

  • Brainstorm Using The Content Planner To Batch Film An Entire Years Videos

  • Learn How To Make Your Videos So Engaging They'll Be Begging For More

  • Master Coming Up With Titles That Get More Clients and More Clients


Without traffic your video is like a shop in the desert, so we have to let the world know that it's there and get it in front of your target audience. Strategies for YouTube, Facebook, and even to build your email list. You'll learn traffic driving strategies that suit you audience, check lists so you take advantage of every opportunity, and even be able to download email template and checklist to hand to your VA.

  • Learn To Get Your Videos In Front Of Your Ideal Audience So They Convert To Buyers

  • Repurpose Your Video In So Many Ways That Your People See You Everywhere

  • Track What Your Viewers Are Doing So You Can Target With Relevant Offers

  • Understand How To Get Your Watchers To Actually Click To Buy (Not Just Watch)

  • Learn The SEO Tactics To Get your Videos Ranking High On YouTube


You can't improve what you don't measure. This module is all about understanding what your stats mean and how to use them as a weapon to get super clear on what you're audience is wanting. That way you can tailor your future videos directly to them and convert them into paying clients.

  • Understand The Specific Stats That You Can Use To Improve Your Videos

  • Learn To Build A Massive Facebook Audience With Video To Retarget To Them

  • Discover The Key YouTube Ranking Factors To Know Your Audience Inside Out


Whether you are wanting to sell a high ticket offer, a low ticket program, get more speaking gigs or just build an audience to sell other peoples services as an affiliate... there are sales funnel strategies in this module to show you how. You'll be able to not only understand how each funnel works but even have swipe files that have been proven to work to copy.

  • Understand Which Funnels Suit Your Strategy And Offers Best

  • Learn The Structure Of Funnels To Direct Your Audience To Buy Your Stuff

  • Build Your List Using These Simple Processes​

  • Copy Our Funnels To Use For Your Video Call To Action And Save Weeks Of Hard Work​

"Jody is teaching what's she's a genius at - online video. She is the master. This is pure gold for helping people build their online TV show! I would highly recommend this course!"

Catherine Newton

Entrepreneurial Success Coach

"I backed out 3 times and then Jody supported me to actually have fun creating my very first video blogs, that I loved!! Now filming is my favourite part of my business. She's a genius at this stuff"

Kate Bull

Bold Self Love Coach

 Bonus #1 


Batching is a great way to leverage your time. Whether you want to batch film 4 weeks or a whole year of content, this planner helps you to track all your ideas, titles, release dates and all the checklist tasks to get your videos out to the world. This tool is perfect for being the main place that your team controls your content and records what has been done. Each of these tasks are explained in detail in the program so that delegating is easy and you can still to doing what you love!

 Bonus #2 

Funnel swiPER

Copy all my best performing sales funnels in ClickFunnels. If you have a ClickFunnels account you'll be able to copy all my best performing funnels directly to your account within 60 seconds. If you don't have one, you can use the 14 day free trial to create it and export all my funnels within a few minutes. This will save you hours of work and thousands having someone build your funnels for you.

 Bonus #3 

74 blog post titles that work

We've compiled a list of the most successful 74 blog post titles that have worked over the last 5 years, so that you can copy them and tweak them to suit your audience.  You can also use them to get inspiration for content ideas and see the patterns of what titles work the best.

 Bonus #4 

SEO-ING Your Videos TO Reach PEOPLE 

A video without reach is like a shop in the desert. If you're going to invest time creating great videos, you need to get them in front of the RIGHT audience and as much as you can! This SEO tool will help you to research what your audience is looking for and make sure you are hitting a home run with your titles and content EVERY TIME!

 Bonus #5 

Weekly Accountability Exercises

Shiny object syndrome runs wild in all of us. But... when you have systems to keep you accountable on the most important things in your every day, it's far easier to be more efficient and keep your mind focused on the mission. This 7 day chart helps you to track your self care and energy boosters. The audio walks you through how to use it.

 Bonus #6 

The Content Repurposing Map 

I'm all about saving time and leveraging your business. This tool will help you to save 5+ hours a week by showing a simple system to repurpose your content for social media.

 Bonus #7 

The Fear Releasing Exercise

Fear of the camera is something I hear about all the time. It may be the fear of technology or what you'll look like on camera. Maybe it's what people will think when you get your magic out there to the world. Whatever blocks are holding you back from smashing out the most glorious video content of your life, you can shift it with this simple 7 steps process. In fact you can use it to shift your beliefs on ANYTHING!

 Bonus #8 

15 Ways To Monetize Your VIdeos

It's important to discover your "delivery jam". The way you like to deliver your message. On a stage, in programs, coaching options, product. This list is a series of 15 types of paid offers you can create. It was part of a program I created around setting up your own online TV show, but it's yours here for free.


    Watch the training videos online as we walk you through the entire system step by step.


    Download the weekly actions and exercises and work through at your own pace.


    Download resources, templates and online calculators for your show.

There is a fast-start planner in the course that will be available to you immediately, along with all the bonuses.


That will help you start with the end in mind so that you can be sure that everything you do throughout the program is leading you in the direction of your big picture. 


The Facebook support group is live right away upon joining also, so you can get to know each other and ask any questions.  The other modules will drip feed one module per week.


Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial to success in any business. That's why we have added the private Facebook community for you. 


Whenever you have questions, wins to share or challenges to overcome, the private Facebook group is a safe place for you to seek help. Our team is there to answer anything from technical questions, run a logo idea or name by someone, critique your video audio and lighting checks, or maybe just help push you if you get stuck. 


Perhaps one of the most powerful parts of this group is that we'll share with you contractors we know and trust to do the jobs that you don't want to.

Jody Jelas Is Often Referred To As:


“The most transparent and authentic personal brand marketer in the business”


Jody is the #1 Best Selling Author of “LadyBalls” and international speaker in both personal development and online business strategy.


Jody is the founder of the LadyBalls Movement and CEO of her digital agency THE PROFIT VORTEX.


She is one of the most sort after female sales funnel speakers on the planet and has traveled the world speaking about online strategies for over a decade.


In the past 21 years


Jody has helped people all over the world to grow their business globally and develop business strategies that bring in millions of dollars a year.

"I was so scared to get on camera but Jody made it so easy"

"She took away my fear of being on camera"

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